Trodden and trampled and tested by high-tech... :)

Most people end up doing what they say they will; especially, if they say it even with a touch of sincerity. But, if I say it, even if I am dripping with sincere intentions, chances are I will not be able to do it or if I do, it will be one hell of an uphill task! This is why I hate planning and this is also why I have not been able to write in what seems to be forever!
The minute I decided I will now begin my committed relationship with the blog-sphere my darling lap-sitter piece of high-end technology decides to be super-uncooperative,  complete with question marks and sad faces (all you exalted Mac users will know what I am referring to. For all the mere mortals, go Google!)
The little dyke comes back after 10 days, thankfully without burning a hole in my pocket (bless extended student warranty and a certain Ms Chauhan for that!). But that is not the end of the tech woes.  Now that laptop is done being a freak, can the internet  be far behind? Apparently not! It decides unilaterally that it needs a week long holiday.
So I sit and sit and twiddle my thumbs endlessly, scream a lot a some poor engineers working for the worst possible internet service providers, they are called Wincable by the way, and finally get my way through.
Phew! All’s well that ends well… if only….
Just when you think the time is right to get some time out and work those fingers, in comes Mum into the picture.  A very happy and very very exhausting eight days later I am finally doing what I thought I’d do every weekend some four weeks ago!
But when the person is me, the chances that nothing goes as per plan are, like I said before, very very high…
So now, I am saying yet again… keep reading and I shall keep enthralling all of you interested in what I am doing in Bum-Bai with random rants