Sunday OMG moment!

So for the first time I am totally in love with an actor. Yes! Me!!! I never have been one for being in love with actors, or rockstars or any such stuff. My crush on an actor lasts for as long as 10 minutes post a film and then it just vanishes. Just like it had materialised. I realise that it is usually the screen character I fall in love with. Out of sight, out of mind.
But for once I am totally in love with an actor. For everything that man does and not just his roles on screen. I keep telling my girlfriends that if I see him I might just end up letting out a shriek of excitement like a mad teenager. That I might walk up to him and blabber how much I love his work and him (in no particular order!). 
My crush-affair with this man started when a fried was a trainer for the crew of the 'new' Don, I had access to some awesome footage, and I wanted to do a half-hour special behind the scenes story about the making of the film and I spoke with him on the phone. Love at first sound it was. Never had I spoken to a more polite and happy voice. I explained how I had access to the footage and what I wanted to do with it. He listened patiently and when I finished it took him a second to say 'yes' as long as we respected a certain timeline because they had a tie-up with a rival news channel. No dramas. No nonsense. No unnecessary questions. And a bye followed by a 'good luck with your story'. 
I was 23 years old then and smitten! By the man. By the voice. And eventually even more. I loved him in ZNMD and I loved him in Rock On. I hated the man he played in Luck by Chance but I loved him there too. And I LOVED him in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. I have been gushing since I saw the film last evening. I'm in love with Farhan Akhtar!!!! All over again.
And today... he replied to my tweet! Well, it was about the movie, but still... * big wide grin * 
I guess this blog is my version of the teenage shriek! 
It can't get any worse than this!!! Can it? 
And guess what... he replied, and while I was doing my still-half-asleep (because it's Sunday. Duh!) mental chicken dance and thinking "Wow! What are the chances of that happening" my darling editor Vaishali noticed it and sent me a DM with her version of the teenage shriek "Farhan replied to your tweet! Yay!!" All this happened in under 5 minutes of me sending out the tweet. 
I guess I ain't the only one gushing and crushing. Yay for that! *winks *