An attic in the circus and guess who is the clown!?

So what happens when people decide to go for a night of improv and standup comedy. They go, laugh, have a beer or two, eat, laugh more and come back home, happy and go to bed.
But when its me, how can it not get twisted, eh!?
Well, so I am late to start with. terribly late. I miss the whole show.
Ho-hum... what a bum...
But, wait! its not all that bad. I end up at a house party with the friend who I was going to go watch in the first place and his friends. So what if i didn't know more than three people... I got out of the house to go have some fun and some fun I will have, thank you very much!
When it comes to a fun evening, my scheme of things usually involves beer. It's been a laugh so far. I'm playing games I never have at parties and laughing more than I have in the past few months. My stomach hurts. My eyes water. And, that's when I decide to get a second beer.
Now that my dear, is what makes me wonder... just how dangerous can a visit to a fridge get?
Under normal circumstances you might get an electric shock or something like that. Under my circumstances you end up opening a bottle of beer and the next second playing an acting game in front of a room full of actors! And guess who has a harder time than the novice with a chilled bottle in her hand. Poor Adam who has the task of making that idiot get what he's enacting, and poor poor Kamal who then has to figure whatever little she and her beer bottle understood and more importantly could remember.
Haah! So much for having a second beer.
But guess what? I did figure something... apparently the connections between my grey cells believe that a circus can have an attic!!! Seriously! I have a room full of actors to vouch for that.
Now, really what are the chances that a circus would have an attic? And what are really are the chances that someone will think of an attic and a circus in the same nanosecond and put the two together? To think of it, this does prove that I have an active... eerr... overactive imagination! That's way better than no imagination...
Oh well! A lot can happen over a bottle of beer...
And, guess what... I am going to bed happy and still laughing.
PS - the last bit by now is purely mental!