Where do you go... ???

What does one do when one is placed under sudden medical house arrest???
stay at home... what else!!
So, am stuck at home through most of the day and looking forward to an evening coffee...
But that is not the question in my head.
For the last four days, or evening rather, i have chosen not to go to Joggers Park or run on the Carter road Promenade. I have walked and walked and walked along the road and around in Bandra just so I can escape the crowds there... But then, when you are in Bombay can the crowds be far behind???
No. Never.
So where do you go if you want a quite moment without too many people in your line of vision?
I'm still trying to figure that. I'm kinda bored of confining myself to my flat or looking down on the path ahead of me as I run/jog/walk while my ear drums protest while I drown out traffic and other human noise with very loud music.
In Delhi I would have headed to Lodhi Garden. Don't get me wrong. It's not as if Lodhi has no crowd. But Lodhi is huge. The chances of someone else invading your personal two-arms-distance-from-me space are very little. And that, let me tell you is a boon. Especially when your own emotions are like a stormy sea and the last thing you want is other people's emotion and energies walking into your's... that's criminal trespassing!!
But the question still is unanswered... where does one go??? humm.... we'll have to figure...