Utterly blank.

I have been utterly blank. Devoid of words and devoid of any creative spark for these past few weeks. I hope this is merely a tiny phase and not a long sabbatical. I am beginning to tire of my capacity to constantly make lists in my head and promptly forget all about them the minute I get home or at work (whatever the relevant location might be at that point in time!) and end up wondering “what all do I have to do?” and not getting much done. Or as much done as I would like to get done.
I am not reading enough. Not writing enough. Not exercising enough. Not getting to work early enough. Not being touristy enough. And now, most times, not even feeling bothered enough.
I marvel at people who always have something interesting to say. Something interesting to do. People who remember to do all the interesting things they can do. Right now I have a pile of unread books and a pile of laundry to iron. And I know which of those options I will end up picking. Nothing interesting to report. Right now not even interested enough to rant. Over and out!